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Parking Bollard Gold Coast - car park bollards gold coast

Welcome to Gold Coast Bollards


We stock and manufacture Gold Coast City Council Bollards here in Queensland. 

This includes the 13-05-012 Removable, Type 3 05/617 In-Ground Pedestrian, Type 4 05-617 Surface Mounted Pedestrian and the Angled Top Hardwood In-Ground Bollard as per Gold Coast City Council Drawing 05716. 


We also stock Brisbane City Council Bollards and Wheel Stops.




Our Services Include

Manufacturing of Bollards  // Custom Bollards  // Wheel Stops // Speed Humps // Installation of Bollards  // Installation of Wheel Stops // Delivery of Bollards and Wheel Stops


Body Corporate & Unit Owners
We have a deep understanding of the processes needed for body corporates.
Gold Coast Bollards Spec (GCCC Bollard Types)
Parking Bollard Gold Coast specialist. We know the specs.
Installation Team
We have a dedicated installation team. The team have installed large scale jobs and also singular bollards. Nothing is too large or small.
Customer Service
Call and speak with our great team and get your questions answered.
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Standard Drawings Spec Sheet
Download the GCCC Spec Sheet Here.